Adell Trio
Guitarists - vocals

This swinging band consists of brothers Tsjawo (lead guitar) and Moro (rhythm guitar) Adell, originated from a well-known, musically talented Sinti-family and Janusch Hallema (bass and vocals). The Adell brothers have proven their musical heritage in known gypsy orchestras as Tucsi, Gypsy Swing Quintett and Tabor.

Janusch Hallema also starred in numerous talented formations like  "Minor Swing", the "Martin Groeneveld Trio", the "Triska Ensemble" and Tabor. With his solid bass lines and energetic vocals, he adds an extra passionate vibe to the Adell Trio.

Together with Slam The Flap,  Adell Trio remixed 11 songs for their live show. During the show Adell Trio plays live guitar during these remixes. With an average of 128 BPM, they play Django Reinhardt melodies twice as fast, perfect for you to dance to.