Jeroen Sarkol

Jeroen is an artist who sets himself no limits, and he is therefore doesn’t has one fixed style. He let’s his feelings speak in his work and as he feels different every day, so is his work different every day.

Each work of Jeroen begins for him not with painting but with ''making a conscious mess''. Because he works with many different techniques such as stencil techniques,spray cans or markers or everything together, his work gets a lot of levels and great contrasts. Jeroen works on a canvas and with the materials that he finds suitable. This can be a plank, pieces of wood that he finds or simply every material that appeals to him.


He is also founder of "Studio Plofkip". A brand that makes "simply cool stuff". Think of backpacks, bags, buttons, T-shirts and more stuff you do not really need.

Sarkol is a member of the show band "Moro Allez". During the show he shares the stage with four musicians. While they provide the music, he creates a work of art, starting from a blank canvas. What he makes during the show is a surprise each time. On certain occasions the artwork may be offered for sale or donated to the organization.