Hello, Hallo, Ciao, こんにちは, Bonjour, Bok,, Ahoj, 你好, Szia, Halo, Olá Europa!!


Moro Allez wants to dance together in 2017.  

They started last summer to make a unique show for you to dance to. Moro Allez can be discribed is a live remix show band. The band consists of Dj Slam The Flap, music group Adell Trio and the artist Jeroen Sarkol. The five members teamed up to bring a unique experience to stages throughout Europe. Moro Allez remixes old gipsy guitar songs with modern dance music and mixes live visuals on stage. 

Their liveshow has a happy uptempo character, perfect for you to dance to. Just bring a smile and enjoy the show.

They start their journey on stages in Europe. Be sure to attend a show if you see their name on a flyer. 

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